Interleukin Genetics, Inc. is a genetics-based personalized health company that develops genetic tests for use in the emerging personalized health market. Our vision is to build a leading personalized health and wellness company. We believe that the science of applied genetics can empower physicians and dentists to improve management of chronic diseases, and empower individuals to personalize their own health. In some diseases, such as osteoarthritis, our tests provide valuable information to assist in drug development. We currently have two primary focus areas to our business:

  • Personalized health, which is focused on providing genetic information to physicians, dentists, and in some cases consumers.
  • Research and development efforts focused on developing genetic tests linked to a partner’s products for marketing and sales into medical and dental channels.

Both areas contribute toward our overall mission of providing products that can help individuals improve and maintain their health through preventive measures. We plan to pursue improving personalized healthcare for patients by:

  • Processing genetic risk assessment tests in our CLIA-certified lab or in labs of sub licensees for ourselves or for partners; and
  • Distributing existing and developing new genetic tests for use in multiple indications, countries and demographics.


kenkornman_thumbBy providing important genetic information to our customers or identifying those individuals whose risk for certain chronic diseases may be increased due to variants in one or more genes and combining this knowledge with personalized interventions, we can help individuals improve their health outcomes. We believe that one of the great challenges confronting healthcare today is understanding why some people are more prone than others to develop various medical conditions and why some people respond to treatments for those conditions differently than others. Until individuals or their doctors are able to understand the underlying causes of such variability, healthcare will remain largely constrained to the current approach of broad treatment rather than customized prevention.

Until recently, scientific studies of chronic health conditions have largely focused on identifying factors that are causative. Common examples of such factors include high levels of cholesterol in the case of heart disease, bacteria in the case of periodontal disease and reduced estrogen levels in the case of osteoporosis. However, the mere presence of these initiating factors does not necessarily mean a person will develop an illness. Many common conditions arise in part as a result of how our bodies are modified by various environmental factors to respond differently. In 2009, Interleukin Genetics launched the Inherent Health® Brand of genetic tests offering clear and personalized insights to wellness. Additionally, with this brand launch, Interleukin Genetics launched the Inherent Health Weight Management Test that includes personalized guidance on specific diet and exercise choices that may have the highest impact on weight loss.  Interleukin is now working to develop other genetic risk assessment tests for other common disorders, such as osteoarthritis. Moving forward, the company will expand its genetic testing through other consumer and professional channels.