The Inherent Health brand provides a full suite of affordable, easy-to-use and meaningful genetic tests in weight management, nutritional needs, heart health, and bone health. The products permit focused, personalized guidance for individuals looking for insights on specific lifestyle changes that can be made based on their genetic results to impact their health and wellness.

Weight Management Test offers a genetics-based program that will determine whether an individual is likely to benefit more from a low fat, low carbohydrate or balanced calorie reduced diet, and whether an individual is likely to obtain greater benefit from normal or more vigorous exercise to most efficiently lose weight. The test provides new information beyond traditional assessments to help individuals understand the genetic factors that lead to weight gain.

Nutritional Needs Genetic Test that identifies DNA variations in genes crucial to B-vitamin metabolism and the ability to manage oxidative stress. Individuals that show suboptimal results for the genes can be at increased risk for ineffective utilization of B-vitamins and potential for cell damage caused by oxidative stress.

Bone Health Genetic Test that identifies whether you are more likely to be susceptible to spine fractures and low bone mineral density associated with osteoporosis. Early intervention now can help prevent osteoporosis later. Preventative measures can reduce the risk of bone loss and fractures, which in the case of vertebral fractures leads to a hunched appearance.