General Background on IL1 Genetic Variations

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IL1 genetic variations increase risk for Periodontal Disease

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IL1 genetic variations increase risk for Cardiovascular Disease

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IL1 genetic variations increase risk for Osteoarthritis

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IL1 genetic variations increase risk for Osteoporosis

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Perilipin gene variations are associated with body weight and weight loss from dieting

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IL1 genetic variations increase risk for Asthma and Pulmonary Fibrosis

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IL1 genetic variations increase risk for complications of Diabetes

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IL1 genetic variations increase risk for Restenosis

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IL1 genetic variations increase risk for Sepsis

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IL1 genetic variations are associated with muscle tissue response after exercise

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Nutritional Genomics

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Practical applications of genetic testing, confidentiality and privacy

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Genetics and other risk factors for complex diseases

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